Villa Kàpari - Milos island

a stunning real estate in Greece!

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Villa Kàpari - Milos

a stunning real estate in Greece!

Built in 2002, this Cycladic style villa is placed in a natural amphitheatre of millenary brown rocks, with a stunning and romantic view of the Aegean Sea. The area is one of the best in Milos, where a few villas are scattered in this rocky southern part of the Island , where sheep and goats graze in scented fields of thyme, and where Northern winds are gentle. A real estate in Greece!

The house is made up of a living-room, kitchen, one sleeping room and two studios with own bath, for a total of 170 m². Three outside storerooms for a total of 20 m². The Villa lies in the area of Provatas/ Kipo, along the Southern coast of the Island, 10 km. from the port of Adamas.

The property land of 5600 m² is all fenced. A 4 m. wide road leads to garage. 400m² of passages and terraces surround the villa. More than 150 plants and trees!

Owning a house in Milos is an investment as tourism is at its beginnings, however it is not easy to find lots with sea view and well serviced.

Milos, the island

To most people, Milos is known as the place where the statue of Venus, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris, was discovered. It is only recently that tourism has noticed the beautiful beaches of this Cycladic island, its rocks and clear waters.

Milos is "the Island of Colors" thanks to its splendid, manifold beauties of volcanic origin. Milos is the most Western island of the Cyclades.

It has 6.000 inhabitants scattered over 7 small towns. Its total surface is 151 sq. km. The island is ample as a very large and beautiful gulf is in the very middle of it, giving the island a horseshoe shape.

There are more than 70 beaches, each one with its own characteristic. Milos does offer an interesting and unforgettable vacation. The months of April and May are ideal to see the island blooming, to smell its keen perfumes, and to ride around to see exceptional wild landscapes.

In September and October the color of the sea, the beautiful sunsets, and a gentle breeze give the island a calm atmosphere and allow you a very restful vacation. The luckier people with boats will reach waters of blue, azure, emerald, green, red and violet colors contrasting with white or pink, or red rocks.

At some places along the East- coast of the island all these colours can be found in one place. The nearby islands also have secluded beaches and landscapes of great beauty.

The land

The Villa lies in the area of Provatas/ Kipo, along the Southern coast of the Island, 10 km. from the port of Adamas, 6 from the airport, 800 from the beach of Provatas.

The property, about 5600 m², develops on free sides around the large and paved public road leading to the small village of Psadhatika, and on one side, North, underneath millenary brown/reddish rocks.

The property's slope is divided into several levels, and the first two at the bottom have been untouched, being rich in thyme (timari) plants.

More than 150 plants and trees have been planted: olive trees, mimosa, orange, lemon and other fruit trees. Flowers, fencing plants, and capers of course!

The property land is all fenced. A 4 m. road leads to garage. 400m² of passages and terraces surround the villa. Stunning and romantic.

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Property Specification

The House

  • Surface: 150 m² of covered space + 20 m² of store-rooms
  • Terraces: 300 m² covered with stone tiles
  • Courtyard: 100 m² covered with stone tiles
  • Pergolas: 4 wooden pergolas
  • Road leading to garage: 100 m² with electrical gate
  • Staircases: one accessing roof and one leading downstairs
  • Outdoor showers: 2 - h/c water
  • Outdoor basins and cabinets: 2
Villa Kapari, the house

Studio I - the upstairs studio

On the upper floor, there is a separate studio, with its own:

  • Entrance
  • Bathroom with large, separate shower
  • Electrical panel
  • Boiler
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee making area
  • Inbuilt large wardrobe
  • Air conditioner warm/cold
Villa Kapari, the upstairs studio

Studio II - the downstairs studio

From the upper floor you step down to the lower floor where, facing a 100 m. tiled courtyard, there is a room of 30 m², and a store room of 6 m². The room has:

  • A wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Electrical panel
  • Boiler
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee making area
  • Air conditioner warm/cold
  • An outside basin
  • An outside shower
  • A pergola 5x3m
  • Outside table, chairs, armchairs, umbrellas
Villa Kapari, the downstairs studio

Plant systems

  • Stern: Main= 35 m³ divided into two sterns (12+23), Secondary= 2 m³ in plastics
  • TV and SAT-TV
  • Telephone line
  • Switchboards: 3 independent electrical panels
  • Water outlets: 4 outdoor water faucets


  • Four air conditioners
  • Three refrigerators
  • One freezer
  • TV set and decoder
  • Washing machine
  • Siemens inox dish washer - Siemens inox oven w/ceramics
  • Gardening equipment
  • Kitchenware and more
Villa Kapari, plants and appliances

Villa Kapari Location


  • Milos Airport 5.8 Km
  • Closest Beach (Provatas) 1.0 Km
  • Adamas Port 10 Km
  • Pollonia 17.2 Km
  • Plaka 13.5 Km
Villa Kapari - Milos Greece

Villa Kapari, your dream house in Milos island

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