Villa Kapari

the villa

Villa Kàpari - a stunning real estate in Greece!

Built in 2002, this Cycladic style villa is placed in a natural amphitheatre of millenary brown rocks, with a stunning and romantic view of the Aegean Sea. The area is one of the best in Milos, where a few villas are scattered in this rocky southern part of the Island , where sheep and goats graze in scented fields of thyme, and where Northern winds are gentle. A real estate in Greece!

The house is made up of a living-room, kitchen, one sleeping room and two studios with own bath, for a total of 141 m². Three outside storerooms for a total of 20 m².The Villa lies in the area of Provatas/ Kipo, along the Southern coast of the Island, 10 km. from the port of Adamas.

The property  land of 6000 m² is all fenced. A 4 m. wide road leads to garage. 400m² of passages and  terraces surround the villa. More than 150 plants and trees!

A real estate property in Greece is at the moment tax-free. Owning a house in Milos in an investment as tourism is at its beginnings, however it is not easy to find lots with sea view and well serviced.

Villa Κapari Villa Κapari Villa Κapari Villa Κapari Villa Κapari Villa Κapari

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