Villa Kapari

the land

The Villa lies in the area of Provatas/ Kipo, along the Southern coast of the Island, 10 km. from the port ofAdamas, 6 from the airport, 800 from the beach of Provatas.

The property, about 6,400 m², develops on three sides around the large and paved public road leading to the small village of Psadhatika, and on one side, North, underneath millenary brown/reddish rocks. 

The property's slope is divided into several levels, and the first two at the bottom have been untouched, being rich in thyme (timari) plants.

More than 150 plants and trees have been recently planted: eucalyptus, Olive trees, Mimosa, figs, orange, lemon and other fruit trees. Flowers, fencing plants, and capers of course!

The property  land  is all fenced.  A 4 m. road  leads to garage. 400m²of  passages and terraces surround the villa. 

Stunning and romantic.

Villa KapariVilla KapariVilla KapariVilla KapariVilla KapariVilla Kapari